Alison Mears


Guilty pleasure:
Eating pizza with Ranch dressing; new clothes (not workout clothes)
My all-time favorite jam:
Totally depends on my mood but if I had to narrow it down we will go with “September” by Earth Wind Fire; “Topback” by T.I, “Reflections “by MisterWives OR “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” by Celine Dion…It’s so hard to pick!
What cheers me up:
Hanging out with my beautiful dog Lucy and skiing—it’s the most clarifying activity.
Spinning turns me on because:
There is a certain high you get from controlling a room and getting to perform like that in front of people.  While you get to become your alter-ego you are also helping your clients actually enjoy a tough workout – and there is nothing better!
In class you'll hear me say:“Where your mind goes, your body will follow”; “How deep are you willing to dig today?”; and “It’s not about how fast you go, it’s how powerful you’re willing to be.”