Giving Back to the Community


At Steel Revolution, we firmly believe in doing our best by doing good. That’s why we’re proud to contribute to our community through rides and donations to a multitude of charitable organizations. Read on for a snapshot of how we’ve given back! 


American Heart Association Ride ::

In conjunction with the AHA’s Annual Heart Ball, we held three back-to-back classes, complete with a DJ, and raised over $3,000! We are continuing are partnership in 2017 to help the AHA reach their new goal of $1.7 million.


Spin 4 Crohn’s and Colitis ::

A national ride that occurs throughout the U.S. in top studios, we taught teams of 4 riders during a 2-hour window. Teams cycled and cheered each other on. Knowing that studios around the country are riding with you at the exact same time, and on the same day, makes for an amazing journey! 

Pittsburgh's 50 Finest ::

Supporting cystic fibrosis research has become a cause near and dear to our hearts. Over the last two years, we’ve held rides for studio Alison and members of our community who also participated in 50 Finest, to help them reach their fundraising goals. We also donated studio merchandise and gift cards to support Alison, who exceeded her goal of over $20,000 raised! 

Sweat it Forward ::

An organization begun in NYC that supports Stand Up to Cancer, we partnered with Barre Code Shadyside by opening our doors to all of their instructors. The result: a full day of fundraising!

Race to Anyplace ::

An annual ride held at Heinz Field to support research into leukemia and lymphoma, Alison competed and raised over $5,000 – and she got to teach at Heinz Field as a top instructor! Teams also compete and pledge money per mile, an accomplishment they reach together. 

Steel City Greyhounds ::

We’re proud to support this local organization, which takes in retired or abused racing greyhounds by nursing them back to health and giving them the care they need before putting them up for adoption. We donate proceeds from our classes and, in turn, get to play with their pups! 


Hat Luncheon for Pittsburgh Parks Conservatory ::

An annual luncheon held to raise money for our city’s amazing network of parks. In the spring of 2015, we purchased a bronze sponsorship to help keep our parks beautiful.


Friendship Circle ::

We continue a strong partnership with this local Jewish organization, which fosters friendships between special needs children and other children in the Pittsburgh Area, by donating annual rides and holding raffles.