Jillian Scacchi 

Guilty pleasure:
Anything chocolate and peanut butter
My all-time favorite jam:
I have so many favorites but If I had to choose "Needed You" by Illenium
What cheers me up:
A strong cup of coffee and a sweaty workout
Spinning turns me on because:
There is no other feeling that can compare. It’s unexplainable what happens in that room the moment those lights go down, that music goes up, and you let go. No matter WHAT level you're at, that bike meets you right where you are and gives you a feeling you've never felt.
In class you’ll hear me say:

“These 45 minutes are going to go by no matter what - let’s make the most out of them.” & “The moment you feel like you can’t go on anymore and you push right through that feeling, that’s where the change happens.”