Our Story

Our mission is for you to dig deeper, ride harder, and sweat more. We’re here to do one thing: promote minds and bodies of steel.

We are three women who are driven by doing it better. We are committed to providing a space where you can get your best sweat. When you walk through our door, we want you to forget the world outside and be as selfish as you can be, so that you leave stronger than when you arrived.

We take our inspiration from the steel that surrounds us. It’s tough. Timeless. And most of all, it withstands. We believe that a steel ride is equal parts mental and physical. It’s about discovering how far you can go. And with each ride, achieving more than you thought possible.

If you want a mind and body of steel, join us. Be a part of the revolution. And get ready for the ride of your life. 


Meet Our Owners


Alison Mears ::

My Passion for Spinning
It all began in the 7th grade. After a sports-related injury, I was put on a bike to recover and stay in shape. Throughout high school and college, I continued to spin. Encouraged by Steel Revolution spin instructor Tim Komen, I earned my certification and, from that point on, I’ve been hooked! Teaching spin allows me to share my passion for the magic that happens on the bike. Running the room and inducing a killer sweat gives me a high. I’m driven to help people grow and improve, and love the look on a rider’s face when he or she masters a new move or simply gives the class everything they’ve got. The best thing a rider ever told me is that I inspired her to do better and work harder. Bottom line: if I can reach and help even one rider, I consider it to be a good day.


What Motivates Me to Dig Deeper
Each day, I strive to be the best version of myself. I work out for me.  I push myself for myself. Whether on the bike or elsewhere, I dig deeper to make myself as happy as I can be.  If you’re doing it for any other reason, you will never be satisfied.  I firmly believe that working out and working hard is the best and most selfish activity anyone can – and should – do! I also dig deeper so that I can eat whatever I want (read: pizza).


How I Define a Revolution
A revolution is a change, and that change can take place in the mind, body or spirit. At Steel Revolution, we not only want to work you out and make you sweat, but we want to help encourage change of what we call “the entire package.”  I consider the revolution successful if your attitude and mindset changed from the moment you walked through our doors to the moment you left our studio. Of course we want to help you achieve your fitness goals and see results, but our end goal is to revolutionize your thought process on fitness, on what it means to be healthy, and how spinning can induce a positive, can-do outlook. The revolution can be as small as making a bad day or week better, to as big as seeing new muscle tone or improving your speed. A revolution is personal and comes down to what you need in any given moment.


Words to Live By
My favorite quote comes from Peter Pan: “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” I think that the choice to cast away doubt applies to everything, but especially to working out and riding.  I always tell my class “Where your mind goes, your body will follow.” The work is 90% mindset.  If you doubt yourself, your body will doubt you, too. And that applies to anything in life!