Sara Needham 

Accessory I can’t live without:
Bold stud earrings & Ray-Ban aviators: my key to looking somewhat pulled together after a sweaty class.
Rockstar personality alter-ego:
Can I say Chrissy Teigen?! I mean, she’s married to a rockstar… A strong woman who speaks her mind, doesn’t take herself too seriously and enjoys good food.
Favorite song to tap it back:
“Backseat Freestyle” by Kendrick Lamar.
Spinning has changed my life because:
Spinning empowers you. You control your ride; there’s nothing preventing you from getting the best workout in and a whole room of riders to not compete against you, but to motivate you to push the limits together.
In class you’ll hear me say:

“Be intentional,” and “Find the beat and let it motivate you.”